Child With The Starry Crayon

CHILD WITH THE STARRY CRAYON (2004) is the result of a collaboration between Oriana Women’s Choir and the Toronto District School Board. Six composers were commissioned by the choir to set selected student poetry to music for our special Poetry and Music Project. With the generous assistance of the Canada Council for the Arts, the Laidlaw Foundation, and the Harbinger Foundation, the choir commissioned Stephen Chatman, Eleanor Daley, Ruth Watson Henderson, Donald Patriquin, Imant Raminsh, and Mark Sirett to select students’ poems and set them to music. Released Fall 2004.

Track Listing

1 Child with the Starry Crayon
Doreen Marriott, soprano
Eleanor Daley 4:52
2 Quant j’ai ouy le tabourin
Jennifer Kerr, soprano
Becky Voth, soprano
William Brown 6:07
3 Stars Stephen Chatman 1:38
4 Blue Stephen Chatman 1:51
5 Ice Stephen Chatman 1:04
6 Landscape Ruth Watson Henderson 2:37
7 Night Ruth Watson Henderson 3:39
8 L’orage  Donald Patriquin 6:39
i) L’orage
ii) In My Heart
iii) Something Creepy
Joy Juckes, spoken
Jennifer Kerr, soprano
Susan Lewczynski, alto
Deux chansons Imant Raminsh
9 Nuit solitaire 2:05
10 Le secret 2:44
11 Les étoiles Mark Sirett 2:53
Rose Trilogy Eleanor Daley
12 The Red, Red Rose 3:42
13 The White Rose
Doreen Marriott, soprano
14 The Lost Rose 3:58
15 Puisque tout passe
Jennifer Kerr, soprano
Becky Voth, soprano
William Brown 3:45
Total Time 51:16